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too tall: keep up the good work


guest405878: Brock Sebelius- nice job John keep it up!


msav14: great job John keep up the good work!


Carley Onarheim: John, you're legit. hahaha


gmcam: i am looking for information on my birth mother, Ella D. Edgerton (1906-1955) she lived in Souris from 1906 to around 1929 [e-mail information to]


oolson542: Sure had a nice visit to my home town last week.  Sure has changed, but changes are always good.  Hope the farmers have a great crop, and the town doesn't flood.  --Leonard & Sissy Olson


oolson542: check this wekly, sorry to here about all the water problems, I guess people up north are letting it rip.  Hi to veda, shane and jami, dwight and shovel head. lets have more people visit this guest book.  tell the new mayor that the town needs a logo, to go along with the fire truck.  People need to look up Souris, North Dakota (ND58783) Profile:population,maps,real estate,averages,homes, Very good info, but kinda old


Jens: nice :)


Sandy: Barret and Erdahl MN has a strong connection to your town, Frykman, Backman, Forsberg, Gustofson, Nelsons, Schroeder... moved from here to Souris


rob585: Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Nice visit, great getaway from the big city.


John Fairweather: Is there anyone that knows and can tell us what has happened to all the buildings along Main Street? I have been on and been able to see where all those buildings were.  The Post Office, Hilmen's Hardware, IH Implement, Charnholm's Store, and others.  It would be nice to know. [e-mail]


Sheila Patterson Blada: Just located the site.


Steven Fairweather: Does anyone have an extra copy of the Bottineau Book?  Please contact me at


deathvalleyred: hey!!!did muggies burn down?hey stevie,shoot me an email.hope all is well..


Lauren_Wisconsin: My Grandmother was born in Souris, North Dakota in 1900 - guess that was before it became a town!  Her family moved there from Tennessee to raise wheat.  Thank you for the website and information.


Steve & Connie Heinks: My mother (Darrlyn McKellips) grew up in Souris. We were to Souris for her memorial over Memorial weekend. I would like to thank all of you in Souris for such warm hospitality. I really enjoyed my visit and can't wait to come back again. Souris is such a nice small town with such wonderful people!


donaldgarwood: My grandparents moved to Souris in 1904. My father was born on the family farm there in 1918. His brother & sister were also born there prior to 1918. Hope to visit the old family farm before it's sold off.


G. Robert Smith: Enjoyed the site. The wife, Kathy (Backman) Smith and I have family ties to the area. Keep the revelations of the town and area coming.


jazg1505: My family is relocating from Vancouver, Washington so that I can attend Dakota College at Bottineau and I'm searching for a place to live for 1-2 years. If anything becomes available please contact me at under "housing in ND" please. Thanks so much for reading. :o) -Jasmine G.


Christ Hemes: My Mother, Deanna Ihla, was born and raised in Souris. Her Uncle, Oliver Magnuson was a popular local photographer and I was searching the web for one of his works, with no luck. If anybody can help me find an Oliver Magnuson piece, please contact at Thanks!


JayGee: So many prairie towns are dying. It's good to see you keeping Souris and its history alive.


Valerie McKellips Rakowski: Visited my grandparents (Gerald and Viola McKellips) farm many summers and one Christmas growing up. Those visits are some of my fondest childhood memories. My Dad (Darryl) has visited many times since then and enjoyed his 50th reunion there not too long ago. A few years ago, I met someone (Joann Mortenson) at work whose family has a farm in Souris and knew my grandparents. It's really a small world and amazing that such a small town like Souris would connect us.


Sally Schnese: My Grandfather taught school near Souris in 1905. It was the Eidsvold School. Does anyone have any knowledge about that school? Also, in the summer of 1905 he worked in Souris at The Western Implement Co. I would be interested in any history or photos concerning either of these two places. Thank You!!


Mariah McDonald: This is an awesome website!! I love to learn history of my hometown!!


JHBK: 11.02.2013 Just discovered this site. So happy to see that someone is keeping Souris on the map and on the net. We have lots of fun memories of Souris High School. JHBK and RLK.

Joan Ohnstad Lerner: My grandfather and grandmother, Andrew and Myrtle Ohnstad (Onstad) lived-in and worked at a general store in Souris around 1900. Where can I find out more about them? If you know e-mail

Jan Warberg: Olaf O. Warberg had a grocery store in Souris for many years ago. I have a picture with him in the store. Anyone know any more about him or the grocery store - and what time he was living there - and for how long? I know they moved to Polson Montana in 1958 - so this can be between 1909 and 1958.  He was a brother of my grandfather, and was married to Magnhild Andorra born Hagen, and had 2 kids - Birgit Marie and Hagbart Omar, born 1913 and 1911. Regards, Jan Warberg. Anyone with information, please e-mail

Lois (Braun) Ritter:  I was looking for information regarding A.L. Colthorp and found this site. My parents (Don and June Nichol) lived about 6 mi. SE of Souris - 1 mile North of Hwy 5. I moved to the farm when in 7th grade but went to school in Bottineau. Our neighbors were Garwoods, Ballantynes, Brandvolds, and Skarphols. Think it was the spring of '49 when we had a lot of water and our road was washed out so had to go to town around the Twin Lakes. Have an old plat book that belonged to grandparents, Dan and Annie Nichol - very interesting to see who lived where and how many families are now gone. Thanks for the web site!!  Anyone with information, please e-mail

Colleen (Monkman) Higgins:  Will enjoy keeping up to date with this site.

Jeffery Thompson: I was pleased to see the website for Souris.  I have ancestors in the Souris area in the early 1900s. In particular, I'm looking at Nels O. Nelson (1878-1965). His first wife, Anna, died in 1913. Then he remarried Ostine Hansdatter. Anyone with information e-mail

M Counts: Member of the Counts family here-Souris is cool, miss it even though I live in California. If Tim or Ellen go by tell'em Mashoe (Jeff's boy) says HELLO!

John Thompson: I attended the Souris School my first grade year, for the 1970-71 school year. My family and I lived on 98th St. NE close to 5th Ave NE near the Hwy 5 and Hwy 14 intersection. My mother, Faye M. Grover, who was working as a teller in Minot, met my dad Charles Jay Thompson while he was in the Air Force. We all moved to Connecticut for a few years and then back to North Dakota. I have many fond memories going to school in Souris for the one year I was there.

Ken Dietrich: I just found your site and it is awesome. Went to school in Souris 1958-1963. Thanks for the memories, Ken.

Mitch Patterson: Good job on the website!!! Wish there were more pictures....If I come across any I'll send them your way. Steal sticks in the park was always the best! Thanks.

Marjorie Byre Teske: I learned the wonderful skill of reading in 1st and 2nd grades with Miss Ann Kleven as my teacher.

Merton Erickson: Great job on this website! I attended all years of school (1957-1969) at Souris. We lived on a farm north of Roth until about 1966 then lived in town after that. My parents moved to Bottineau in 2000, mom is still in Bottineau at the Good Sam. I will try to find some pictures to share with you.

Allan: My mother Agnes Kristine Mork was born in Souris on May 5, 1912.

Kristi Brenden: Great website! I visited frequently, lived in Souris from about 1977-1979 and still go back every summer. I have many fond memories of playing outside, climbing the water tower and playing a game with sticks and rocks in the park with kids of all ages.

Marti Page: My grandfather George A. Page homsteaded just outside of Souris. His home is still sort of standing. My dad was born in Souris in 1919. If anyone has any information I would really appreciate it. Thanks Marti Paige (Page) I changed the spelling a while ago.

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